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Why upgrade an inflatable?

Good quality inflatables last long enough to go through many cycles of use.

A good inflatable design will allow for change from the needs it was originally build for.

Giant Inflatables designs inflatables that enable rebranding and modifications in a cost effective way.

Even if we didn’t make your inflatable we have the experience and the technology and factory space to engineer a safe repair or upgrade to rigorous standards. All the work we undertake will be guaranteed to work as depicted or described in our offer, renders or drawings.

Upgrading an inflatable can give it a new role in life.

Some common upgrades.

o   fans for inflating any type of inflatable

o   ballast and weights
patching kits and emergency repair equipment and materials of your inflatable when its damaged or ill

o   LED lighting

o   Upgrade kits for additional wind speed performance, or certification compliance

o   Tether and tie down ropes

o   Uv protection products to extend the useful life.

o   speed guns ball speed detection and large character LED screens for speed readouts

o   Ball strike counters to register a hit on target

o   sound attenuators  and fan silencers to reduce the sound of the fan 

o   Inflators for inflatable and seal, inflate n go , sealed and pressure inflatables.

o   Valves

o   inflation pipes

o   flight cases for inflatables and their equipment

o   adhesive for PVC and PTU inflatables

o   tie points and deflation ports

o   Zip lubricant

o   lights for illumination from inside your inflatable or external lighting of an inflatable

o   ball replacement and jump  test mice


If it’s got to do with an inflatable product the chances are we can offer assistance.

To find out more, ask a question or discuss your requirement with a member of our spares team, enquire here now on our website or Call 03 9588 2626 or email us:

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