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Your deflated inflatable getting you down?

Your deflated inflatable getting you down?


In today’s fast paced world most products are manufactured with planned obsolescence.  The GiantInflatables Philosophy is the complete opposite of that paradigm.  We manufacture inflatables to last.  Not only do we manufacture custom made inflatables to be safe and last but we also maintain and repair inflatables made by other manufacturers to ensure their safety.  An example of this is the TAC campaign of “be present”.  Graffiti, the agency acting on behalf of the TAC, trusts Giant Inflatables each year to service its inflatable shelter.

In addition, Giant Inflatables products are all certified compliant to Australian Standards. Giant inflatables service and maintenance program begins with a 13 point check. We have a team of dedicated, experienced personnel who will clean, check and service your inflatable product and engineers trained to issue its operational certification and certificates of currency.

Giant Inflatables maintains a register of products for its clients like AFL Victoria which has over 20 sports inflatables.  These inflatable games are serviced, fixed, maintained and kept in the best condition to ensure that the inflatable product is safe and provides the most use to our clients who trust us not only to fix their inflatable products manufactured by Giant Inflatables but also to fix, service and maintain inflatables manufactured by other parties. Giant Inflatables ensures that its wide range of inflatable products provide the greatest longevity of use for its clients.

 A quality engineered inflatable product will give many years of service. During its duty cycle it will need to be serviced and maintained to keep it up to date, clean and efficient and safe to operate. Many of these products also require regular inspection to keep them compliant and certified.

So don’t feel flat if your inflatable deflates.  Come to Giant Inflatables for the highest quality engineered inflatables and trust Giant Inflatables to service, repair, maintain and certify your inflatable as operationally compliant.



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