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Top Pinterest Boards: 17 Pinterest Boards You Need To Follow When Considering Inflatables

Top Pinterest Boards: 17 Pinterest Boards You Need To Follow When Considering Inflatables

Inflatables are a versatile medium which can be used through an extensive range of applications. Whether you are considering inflatables for branding, Marketing, sports activation, skills training, or just to have a stand-out feature at your event, these boards will fill you with inspiration and confidence for the next step of your inflatable exploration.

We have shortlisted the best boards for your initial exploration, covering Inflatable Sports Applications, Inflatable Structures, General Inflatable Games and Inflatable Brand Activations.

Sports Inflatables & Games

AFL Themed Inflatables

AFL Inflatables are the perfect solution for small and large scale activations focusing on skills training and fan engagement. Highly brandable and portable, they can be set up anywhere, anytime and in minutes.

Partnering with AFL Victoria, our designs have been refined to be highly effective, safe, reliable and failproof.


Cricket Themed Inflatables

Cricket is a classic feature of the Australian sporting landscape, and Giant Inflatables' Cricket themed inflatables are an excellent feature at many local and international cricket events.

Our cricket-themed inflatables will enhance your event, focusing on fan engagement or cricket skills. These memorable inflatables can be set-up in minutes, growing from a small package to dominate their activation space and draw crowds.


cricket inflatables


Rugby Themed Inflatables

Rugby themed inflatables are the perfect way to engage fans and create an exciting and active atmosphere for events and match days.

Whether your focus is training the next rugby stars, engaging with fans, or activating your brand, these inflatable games can do it all!

Transported in small packages, inflatables grow to dominate the space drawing crowds and turning heads.



Soccer Themed Inflatables

As the worlds largest sport, soccer has leagues all over the world. For decades Giant Inflatables has been creating exciting and engaging soccer-themed inflatable games to enhance game-day experience, add some life to events and train athletes.

From simple inflatable soccer goals to multi-skill activations and more, you will be sure to find a soccer activation that suits your needs.



Tennis Themed Inflatables

Every year tennis-themed inflatables are used by clubs, brands and trainers to engage fans and players alike, with fun and unique activations.

Custom designed to order, Giant Inflatables' tennis inflatables are a great way to create an atmosphere on match day or activate your brand. Choose from our popular range of tennis-themed inflatables, or work with us to create your own unique challenge; either way, you're sure to love using inflatables.



Netball Themed Inflatables

As a fast-growing format in the sporting industry, Netball Inflatables have helped, leagues, teams and brand engage with fans and increase the visibility of their sport. Whether you are using netball inflatables to train, engage or advertise you will be sure to get the most out of inflatable netball activations.



Inflatables Arenas & Courts

Everyone has boundaries, and even more so when you are organising an event. Inflatable Arenas, Fields and Courts create play-areas and barriers within minutes.

These inflatables can be used to create highly branded sporting fields or activation boundaries to ensure your activation stays within the defined space.

Inflatable fields, inflatable arenas, and inflatable courts are stored and transported in small packages and grow to encompass large spaces in no time.

No more running after balls and pedestrian near-misses!


Inflatable Sports: Skills Training

Inflatable skils training inflatables are a fun way to perfect any sports-related skill. Break the monotony of training for game day by taking a fresh approach. 

Inflatables are ideal for skills training as complex and engaging skills training exercises can be stored and transported in small packages.

Whether you need to learn the basics or practise the more complex skills, there is an inflatable training game for everyone!




Inflatable Arches

Inflatable arches are an essential asset for any professional sporting event. Seen worldwide on television or in person at events, these simple inflatable structures create a fantastic visual media for branding, information or markers.

Choose from our popular range of arches or create something unique, either way, you'll love the end result!



Inflatable Interiors

Create unique and vibrant spaces in minutes with inflatable interiors. Whether you want to create a space or enhance a space, inflatable interiors are an out of the box solution that can be set-up in minutes as permanent or temporary fixtures.

Bespoke inflatable interiors can be created to incorporate complex design aspects or solve more practical space-related issues, and they are sure to do it in style.



Inflatable Buildings

Inflatable buildings are large-scale inflatables that create sheltered areas for activity. No inflatable structure is too big, and no idea too far-fetched when it comes to inflatable buildings, all you need to do is 'dream it, and we will inflate it!'

Inflatable buildings and shelters maximise efficiency by reducing set-up times and result in a lowered cost per event. Additionally, their unique inflatable format means that after use, they can be packed and transported with ease to the next location.



Inflatable Shelters

Inflatable shelters instantly create covered, all-weather spaces that can be used for an infinite range of activities. From portable kiosks and booths to inflatable music halls and theatres with thousands of square metres to use, inflatable shelters reduce costs and increase efficiency with their unique ability to be transported and set up.

Through our collaborative design process, inflatable shelters can be designed to be as simple or complex as needed. Just let us know your ideas, and we will show you the endless possibilities when using inflatable shelters.



Marketing & Branding Inflatables

Branded Inflatable Target Games

Branded inflatable target games are the perfect format for companies to increase their brand awareness. Whether partnered with sporting organisations or creating a unique activation to publicise your brand, inflatable target games are the simplest inflatable branding assets that you can get.

With digitally printed screens and structures, show off your brand in high definition colour.Easy to use and transport, branded inflatable target games will leave a lasting impression on everyone who sees them.



Inflatable Balls

Inflatable balls are the simplest inflatable form and have been used for a multitude of purposes since inflatable advertising and marketing began.

Over 20 years, Giant Inflatables has become the industry leader in all things inflatables, and have perfected the seemingly simple art of inflatable balls.

Using ultra-precise digital printing methods, inflatable balls can bring life to any event.


Brand Activation & Advertising Inflatables

To ensure your brand stands out from the crows, you need to look for fresh ways to activate and engage. Brand activation and advertising inflatables are the perfect way to grab attention and increase brand awareness.

With infinite possibilities for forms and functions, you can be sure of one thing when it comes to inflatable brand activation and advertising inflatables; they will make create a lasting impression on the public and increase your efficiency and related set-up costs.

Using high-quality material and the latest technology, Giant Inflatables' designs are sure to amaze crowds for years, ensuring a solid return on investment.



Point Of Sale Inflatables

Experts have pointed out that the buying decision takes place in many cases at the point of sale. As more companies realise the importance of having a strong brand presence, in-store Giant Inflatables has helped them reach their marketing goals.

With the ability to ship thousands of detailed inflatable replicas to stores around Australia and the world, point of sale inflatables are the perfect way to capture the attention of buyers at the most crucial part of the purchasing decision.



Inflatable Replicas

Giant Inflatables replicas can be seen all over the world. Using Computer-Aided Design, Giant Inflatables' Genius Team can create lifelike inflatable replicas of any scale. Inflatable replicas are a simple and effective way of marketing your product or brand in a grand and awe-inspiring scale to the public.




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