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The Advantages of our Exclusive Collaborative Design Process (CDP)

The Advantages of our Exclusive Collaborative Design Process (CDP)

The inflatables we design are customized for our clients, so we think it’s important that they have a really big say in the outcome they expect. That is why, at Giant Inflatables, we have created a specialized process we have termed as our Collaborative Design Process and one of the most important reasons why we have such incredibly happy clients.

Through this process, we are able to deliver not only precisely what our clients order, but along with careful questioning, and collaborative conversation, bring an inflatable creation from the realms of ideas and inspirations into reality – we call that “Imagineering”.

collaborative design process

Once the team has received a brief from the client, our Genius Team of Inflatable Designers spends some time in creating Concept Drawings, which essentially are an interpretation of the client’s brief. These Concept Drawings are designed to ensure that you understand what we are thinking and include 3D renders, sizing, colour and branding details and other important information to create a visual representation of a custom inflatable product that caters to the client’s specific needs.

The Concept Drawings provide a platform for client feedback. As the designers, our role in the CDP is to connect to the client’s ideas and needs, gather their resources understand their constraints and then communicate how we interpret their requirement through the Concept Drawings. Once we have received feedback on our initial proposal, we then collaborate further on inflatable structure design, offering our many years of experience and expertise to ensure that the client is getting a product that meets all standards of safety and quality.

The only thing our client needs to do is to simply ensure that any specifications or concerns are voiced clearly. Upon receiving initial product Concept Drawings, we ask our client to provide as much detailed feedback as possible. The more feedback provided and the more questions asked, the better, as this will result in a more thorough design. We then go back, taking all our client’s feedback on board, to refine the initial Concept Drawings. We talk and discuss and refine until we have a final drawing which has been approved by our client.

Through this CDP, we are able to meet our clients’ every need, and exceed their expectations. This process is beneficial for both the client and our team of designers as it ensures open and detailed communication from both sides.

Concept Drawing

This process allows our clients to feel very comfortable in being an active part of the design process.

Our method has been refined over many years, with the purpose of building trust, and filtering through crucial information to allow us to create what our client wants. It ensures the final product is not only practical, safe and reliable but also as much our clients design as it is ours. This is what sets apart Giant Inflatables from our competitors.

Consult our team of expert designer to get your custom inflatable design done through our exclusive Collaborative Design Process. Call us on 03 9588 2626 or email:!



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