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Rebrand and Refresh! Extend the Life of Your Inflatable with A Makeover

Rebrand and Refresh! Extend the Life of Your Inflatable with A Makeover

There is no doubt that when designing inflatables, brand identity and clear messaging is extremely important. Branded inflatables are high-profile assets that will be seen by thousands of people throughout their lifetimes which can span a decade if you have purchased a Giant Inflatables product. To this end, our products often outlast the partnerships in which they were created to represent and advertise.

So, what to do when your branding has aged faster than the inflatable itself, when outdated branding is preventing the use of your inflatable?

Rebrand your inflatable! Your inflatable is an investment, an asset that should be taken advantage of instead of thrown away. At Giant Inflatables we offer a range of rebranding services that can help you with an inflatable make over!

rebranding inflatables

There are 3 main types of rebranding that can be done, which are assessed on a case by case basis depending on your needs:

  1. Velcro Replacements: This type of rebrand is the easiest. If you opted for Velcro signage during the production stage of your inflatable, we can simply work with you to create replacement signage that reflects your current brand identity, sponsors and messaging.
  2. Permanent Additions/Replacement: If you have permanent branding on your inflatable, it may be possible to create new branding that is permanently affixed to your inflatable to cover the outdated stuff. A good example of this would be covering outdated logos or messaging on your inflatable that is unlikely to change again in the near future.
  3. Velcro Conversions: If you chose to have permanent branding on your inflatable but would like the option to rebrand at your leisure in the future, we can permanently add Velcro to your inflatable so you can simple remove and replace the branding in the future!

    A good example of Velcro Conversion rebranding, have a look at the photos of the TAC Basketball inflatable which needed new messaging. The old ‘Towards Zero’ messaging is outdated in 2021 so we gave the inflatable a new message and new branding.

    Before we added the new artwork, we permanently attached Velcro where the new branding will go, allowing for much easier, cheaper, and less time consuming rebranding in the future with simple Velcro replacements.

If your inflatable is ready for a face-lift, let us know and our design team will be able to assist you with your new banners, from design to production to application. We have you covered!

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