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Inflatable Parade Floats: Portable Safe and Innovative Event Solutions

Inflatable Parade Floats: Portable Safe and Innovative Event Solutions

Giant Inflatables custom parade floats are made to order and are limited only by the imagination. With our in-house design team, let us take your ideas and present them to you through our collaborative design process, allowing for client input and sign off on a design before production is started. We take into consideration more than just the look and feel of the float, we consider our client's limitations.

For example: Only have five people to operate and walk the float? – no problem, our design team will consider inflation types, material compositions, the size of the unit and the carry points to ensure it is an effortless operation with minimal stress.

Do not have access to power? – no problem, our team will consider the different types of inflation systems and power supply options. We are building internal fans, with portable and safe battery packs, or a sealed unit which only requires power for the initial inflation.

Need to be moving around for extended periods? – We got you there too!

With over 20 years of experience on the field, we have the capabilities to create customised inflatable parade floats and all the logistics in operating it, from the design of the inflatable:

  • Ensuring handles are ergonomically and strategically placed
  • Considering material compositions for weight limitations
  • Creating customised battery packs for mobile operation and constant inflation
  • Exploring the suitability of sealed units
  • Retrofitting lights & speakers
  • Building customised trolleys
  • Dynamic pattern design and high-quality printing

Here are a few examples of what is possible when creating a parade float –the possibilities are endless:

The Perth Royal Show – A Dreamtime Rainbow Serpent 2019


The Perth Royal Show approached Giant Inflatables intending to bring to life the Dreamtime story of The Rainbow Serpent. The final product had to be striking, captivating and showcase the great and powerful forces of nature and spirit the serpent represents.

The Challenge

  • Consider the operators, volunteers and patrons at the show with safety as the highest priority
  • Have a striking and engaging aesthetic while respecting cultural limitations and accurately embodying the Rainbow Serpents dream time origins
  • The parade float is a mobile piece; technology such as power for inflation and lighting required a more in-depth analysis and adaptable approach. Custom-built battery backs to power the fans and custom-built fan bags to carry the fans safely while the inflatable was moving around to keep it inflated.
  • All wiring, and handles must comply with Australian Safety standards to ensure safe operation throughout the 8-day parade.

The Approach.

Giant Inflatables has had ongoing success with its specialise one-of-a-kind Collaborative Design Process.

This process lays the foundation for meticulous development which allows the delivery and production of precisely what the client envisioned. Essential tools of this process include careful questioning, collaborative conversations, and multiple concept designs with ongoing revisions. Giant Inflatables has had ongoing success with its specialised, one-of-a-kind Collaborative Design Process.

This process lays the foundation for meticulous development which allows the delivery and production of precisely what the client envisioned while ensuring all safety and logistical elements are met effectively.

Carlton Draught Boot – Half time show Activation 2018


TLA Australia, representing Carlton Draught, approached Giant Inflatables to develop an interactive, portable, lightweight and visually engaging Half Time Show prop that would leave a memorable impression on the attendees and involve both the Beverage branding and football-related theming.

The Challenge

  • Consider the time management of a half-time entertainment slot and the logistics that will allow a successful bump in and out.
  • The activation will need to be portable and wireless, so a bespoke battery-powered solution needed to be created.
  • The activation will be watched by thousands of viewers live and at home, so the risk factor is high. Correct risk and operations management is crucial.

The Approach

Through Giant Inflatables Collaborative Design Process, the design of the shoe was meticulously checked and signed off by all the relevant stakeholders. Design intricacies and details, including the bespoke power system, were signed off a finalised before the event.

The battery backpacks developed by Giant Inflatables allowed the inflatable to run a constant air system which in turn allows the inflatable to deploy in under 3 minutes fully. Using the backpacks to power the inflatable also allowed for the activation to be completely portable and moved around the activation area without the risk of disconnecting power cables from mains power.

Ninbin Mardi Gras Parade Float 2009


As one of Australia's most popular cultural events, the Nimbin Mardi Gras engaged Giant Inflatables to create an unmissable statement for marijuana legalisation. The 10 m inflatable joint sporting the words "let it grow" was one of the main attractions of the 2009 event.

The Challenge

  • Thousands of event-goers will surround the inflatable, so it needed to be reliable, safe and risk-free.
  • The weight of the inflatable needed to below, so that is could easily be carried by attendees.
  • With so many people touching and interacting with the inflatable, it needs to be durable and easy to fix if anything were to happen.

The Approach

Considering the above challenges, the inflatable was created with an unsupported PVC material to ensure the unit was as light as possible. Using PVC also allowed for easy and reliable fixes if needed.

To make the float as simple as possible and inflate and seal system was used to ensure there would be no wires or auxiliary components needed to be carried with the inflatable throughout the event. The above considerations resulted in an impossible to miss, a manoeuvrable and lightweight statement that could not be ignored!



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