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Inflatable Obstacles Courses

Inflatable Obstacles Courses

Big Fun, Big Fitness, Big Challenge, Big Branding

Whether it’s a corporate team-building event, footy camp competition or even a backyard spectacle, there’s so much fun to be had with an inflatable obstacle course.  It’s up to you – take it slow or ramp up the challenge and turn it into a relay.  Either way, inflatable obstacle courses are built tough to withstand anything that hurtles their way.

Most inflatable obstacle courses are designed for multi-age use as well as multi fitness levels.  The key ingredient here is FUN!

Kids love inflatable obstacle courses and are happy to stay in them for hours. They can spend time with their friends, get their physical fitness for the day out of the way and work off their wild party energy.

These fun obstacle challenges offer players a chance to test their skills against multiple obstacles. Test your stamina and agility by racing a friend or try and beat your own PB. Challenges include tunnel crawls, climbing walls, slides, and manoeuvring through barriers.

Additional challenges can be added such as a Boot Camp Challenge obstacle course that adds a water element to make things a little bit more challenging, slippery and exciting.

Depending on the crowd you want to entertain, sizing can vary. For example, a 10m long obstacle course that has two lanes (4m wide) can host two people at a time and approximately 60 people per hour.

inflatable obstacle course

In addition, these inflatable structures can be customised to suit needs, budget, aesthetic or any other particular or unique design requirements.

Inflatable obstacle courses are generally large, so have lots of surface area ideal for branding purposes.

Inflatable obstacle courses need to be seen to be believed.  If you’re trying to impress the boss, or the girl next door, inflatable obstacle courses deliver in wowing crowds young and old.



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