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Experience...the best Teacher!

Experience...the best Teacher!

When we created our first Giant Inflatable Branded Jersey for the Corporate Sponsor of a sports team we created the shape and design which would accommodate our inflatable technology.

Our first attempt was the Cycling Australia Jersey with a replaceable Velcro patch with the name of the event as a removable banner.

It worked perfectly adequately in that it was a Giant Inflatable and therefore highly visible with clear branding and notification of the event name.  But it was not as precise as other replicas we had created in a smaller version.

Our next request to create a Giant Inflatable Jersey was by the Sponsoring Insurance Company NIB who set up an entire playground with fantastic branding. Standing out from the crowd was the enormous, highly visible and highly branded NSW Blues Jersey.

inflatable shirt for NIB

Over time our technology improved, our R&D successfully developed new and better inflatable technologies capable of more specific, varied and versatile sizes and shapes.  Our modelling programs became more sophisticated allowing 3D Design modelling and colour printers ensured closer genuine colour matching.

When NIB was looking for another inflatable shirt, we were ready with our new, more realistic, human looking jersey for the Newcastle Knights.

Needless to say, our client was not the only one super happy with the outcome.

Inflatable shirt for NIB

If you wish to make use of our many years of Inflatable experience and technology please don’t hesitate to contact us on (03) 9588 2626 or email us at or go to our website home page and make an enquiry.



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