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Are You Running Out Of Air?

Are You Running Out Of Air?

Constant Air Inflatables VS. Inflate N' Seal Inflatables

Inflatables come in infinite combinations of shapes, colors and sizes, each with its unique purpose. The options can be overwhelming, especially to first time buyers, so it is important to understand the ins and outs of inflatables. The topic of today’s blog will cover the two main inflation types of our custom inflatables; constant air, and inflate and seal. The different types of inflation come with their unique pros and cons, which should help you decide when it comes time to purchase your inflatable.

Inflate and seal inflatables, better known as inflate and go inflatables, only need a pump for the initial inflation. Once pressurized, the pump can be removed and turned off leaving the inflatable full of air, not unlike a beach ball. This type of inflation brings the inflatable to a higher pressure and thus the material used for this type of inflatable is thicker and heavier.

Advantages of Inflate and Seal inflatables:

  • They are more energy-efficient as they do not require constant use of power.
  • Can be used in areas where power access is minimal.
  • The inflatables are silent once inflated as there is no fan constantly pushing air.
  • No power cables needed to be run to the inflatable once inflated, minimising tripping hazards and power loss.

Disadvantages of Inflate and Seal inflatables:

  • Punctures require immediate attention as the inflatable has no source of constant air to refill the pressure.
  • The material is thicker and therefore heavier

After assessing the pros and cons of inflate and seal technology, we can assess the situations in which these inflatables are beneficial.

If you are in an area where power access is minimal, constant air inflatables allow you to go ‘off the grid’ whist remaining inflated. A few minutes of inflation bring the inflatable to pressure, then it can be left inflated for days at a time. Inflate and seal inflatables also eliminate the need for power cables to be run to inflatables during activations or events. If you are expecting a large volume of people to interact with the inflatable, this is a big advantage. The inflatable can stand alone without the cables running to it and reducing tripping hazards. 

Constant air inflatables are exceptionally reliable as they can operate when damaged. These types of inflatables require continuous electricity to power the fan and remain inflated. This means access to mains power or a generator is a must. This type of inflation is the most popular option for larger inflatables as the volume of air needed is better suited to high power fans.

Advantages of Inflate and Seal inflatables:

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Can operate safely with minor damage as the is always new air being provided by the fan.
  • Printing on constant air inflatable is cleaner as there are no welding lines.

Disadvantages of Inflate and Seal inflatables:

  • Requires constant power connection.

Most consumers choose constant air inflatables because of their durability. With less need for repairs and more time being used, constant air inflatables are good for any event or activation. In places where there is no access to mains power, a generator can be used to power a constant air inflatable. Also you can see more about constant air inflatable in the video below: 


To find out more about our inflatables, and help to decide which inflation type is best for you, contact our expert team.




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