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Brand Activation Inflatables - Engaging Through Inflatable Experiences

When brands are looking for a memorable way to interact with their chosen demographic, the aim is always to leave a memorable impression. As many of our clients can happily attest to, our unique inflatable brand activations are the perfect tool to achieve that goal.

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Your Inflatables, Your Way

Through collaboration and an unrivalled attention to details, Giant Inflatables delivers inflatable products that are yours truly. No two clients are identical and therefore no two inflatables are identical. Your unique set of factors is as important to us as they are to you and that is why we make every one of our inflatables with you in mind every step of the way.

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Interactive Inflatable Games for the Post COVID World

Its 2021 and the Australia has just settled back in to life in a post COVID-19 world. And while we see stadiums fill up at the footy, or meet up with our friends over a drink, we don’t have to look very far to notice the permanent changes that the pandemic has had on our lives. Everyone is more conscious of what they touch, where they stand and how they interact with people and things.

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Multiply The Fun with Multi-Activities

Inflatable Multi-Activities are a type of inflatable game that incorporates multiple activities into a single inflatable.

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Rebrand and Refresh! Extend the Life of Your Inflatable with A Makeover

Rebrand your inflatable! Your inflatable is an investment, an asset that should be taken advantage of instead of thrown away. At Giant Inflatables we offer a range of rebranding services that can help you with an inflatable make over!

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Inflatable Parade Floats: Portable Safe and Innovative Event Solutions

Giant Inflatables custom parade floats are made to order and are limited only by the imagination. With our in-house design team, let us take your ideas and present them to you through our collaborative design process, allowing for client input and sign off on a design before production is started. We take into consideration more than just the look and feel of the float, we consider our client's limitations.

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Creativity & Innovation During A Global Pandemic

The Coronavirus global pandemic has shaken the world to its core, presenting many challenges for businesses, creatives, and individuals alike. 2020 has been a challenging year filled with uncertainty and fear. Amongst all the negativity that is associated with a global pandemic, a ray of inspiration and innovation continues to shine.

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Building Trust - The Road to Unparalleled Success

At Giant Inflatables, we're different from other inflatables suppliers. With an in-house design team and over 20 years of industry and on-field experience, Giant Inflatables is uniquely positioned to understand all aspects of your inflatable.

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Go Big Or Go Home: Your Guide To Choosing The Right Inflatable Shelter

Inflatable shelters are fantastic portable spaces that can be inflated and set up for events in no time. These inflated rooms or marquees are often seen at large scale events and travelling around with touring festivals, artists, or sports.

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Try Try and Try Again

Amplify your fan engagement this season with our Inflatable rugby games which cover all of the above, and allow your team to build meaningful relationships with fans through experiential marketing in the form of rugby specific inflatable games.

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Inflatable Obstacles Courses

Whether it’s a corporate team-building event, footy camp competition or even a backyard spectacle, there’s so much fun to be had with an inflatable obstacle course.

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Meet The Steve Jobs of The Inflatable Industry, An Interview with David Abramowi...

Meet the Steve Jobs of Inflatable Industry, David Abramowitch. Here is the glimpse of an exclusive interview with David Abramowitch.

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Netball Inflatable Games - Maximise Your Gameday Activations

Create tailored activations for netball fans with Netball inflatable Games designed & manufactured by Giant Inflatables. Call on: 03 9588 2626 for more details!

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Top Pinterest Boards: 17 Pinterest Boards You Need To Follow When Considering In...

Inflatables are a versatile medium which can be used through an extensive range of applications. Whether you are considering inflatables for branding, Marketing, sports activation, skills training, or just to have a stand-out feature at your event, these boards will fill you with inspiration and confidence for the next step of your inflatable exploration.

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The Modern Rules Of Inflatable Cricket Activations

Are you looking for a cricket-themed brand activation that will leave a lasting impact on your audience?

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Are You Running Out Of Air?

Constant Air Inflatables VS. Inflate N' Seal Inflatables

07/11/2019 Read More

Sweat The Small Stuff

Just because we are Giant Inflatables doesn't mean we don't love doing the small stuff

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Don't buy an inflatable until you've read this. 3 essential steps to take...

Don't buy an inflatable until you've read this. 3 essential steps to take...

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The Secret Sauce To Brand Awareness And Fan Engagement

The Secret Sauce To Brand Awareness And Fan Engagement

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Keep 'em coming back for more...

The importance of fan engagement and how to make an impression that will last more than 90 minutes.

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The Advantages of our Exclusive Collaborative Design Process (CDP)

With our Collaborative Design Process, we are able to bring an inflatable creation from the realms of ideas and inspirations into reality - we call that "Imagineering".

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AFL 2017 - Giant Inflatables Season In Review

Giant Inflatables Supplied many AFL themed inflatables to the AFL this year, including to 2017 premiers Richmond Tigers. See what Giant Inflatables contributed to the 2017 AFL season.

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Point Of Sale Inflatables - Keeping Sales Of Point

POS inflatables are small replica inflatables used attracting attention to a product in store.

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Rapidly Deployable Site Offices For On The Move Industries

When portability and mobility is a must, Inflatables are the only solution!

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Inflating the Game Day Hype - Game Day Inflatable Activations

Giant Inflatables for Game Day excitement

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Cleaning up the soda blasting industry one inflatable at a time.

Giant Inflatables EZY shelter a revolutionary industrial inflatable that tackles the issues of environmental damage, as well as increasing productivity and improving waste management.

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Giant Inflatables is the No 1 Sports Inflatable supplier to all the Elite Sporting Teams, their marketing agencies and sponsors.

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Why do our clients use Giant Inflatables to supply their inflatable, interactive, sports activations when they can order from China off the web for a 1/3 of the price.

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Bulls-Eye or Goodbye!

A brand new giant inflatable soccer target dart board.

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Experience...the best Teacher!

Experience...the best Teacher!

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Tennis: It's all about the LOVE!

Tennis: It's all about the LOVE! Grand Slam season is about to start!

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C'Mon Aussie C'mon C'Mon

Summer is on the way - Come on down and watch Cricket with Giant Inflatables

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Event Tents & Shelters - Break Free from Convention

Event Tents & Shelters - Break Free from Convention

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It takes balls to play soccer

It takes balls to play soccer

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NRL 2016 Finals

NRL 2016 Finals - who's gonna win?

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One Team, One Mission

One Team, One Mission. You Dream it...We'll build it

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Your deflated inflatable getting you down?

Repair, Servicing and Maintenance of your Inflatable games.

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We Will Keep Your Balls Rolling

Giant Rugby Balls by Giant Inflatables - another happy client

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