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AFL Inflatables

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AFL Mini Goals

AFL Climb 'n Slide

Handball Target

AFL Mark Training

AFL Stadium Jumping Castle

AFL Game Cube

AFL Mark 'n Goal

AFL Action Tackle

AFL Playground

AFL Multi-Activities

AFL Agility Challenge

Through our official partnership with the AFL, Giant Inflatables has developed the most refined and engaging range of AFL inflatables on the market. Specifically designed for the AFL format, our most popular AFL Inflatables are AFL Handball Targets, Inflatable AFL Goals, AFL Tackle Inflatable, Inflatables AFL Slides, Inflatable AFL Obstacle Courses, Custom Jumping castles and AFL diving and Marking Games.

These custom inflatable games are designed to train a range of AFL related skills:

  • Marking : AFL Mark Training and AFL Mark N Goal Inflatable
  • Kicking: Inflatable AFL Goals, Inflatables AFL Target Enclosures, AFL Skill Zone
  • Handballing: AFL: Handball Target, AFL Target Enclosure, AFL Skill Zone
  • Tackling: AFL Action Tack Inflatable

Made to order, these inflatables feature custom branding to ensure team spirit and brand identity are a priority.

As an Australian business, all of our designs are built to exceed Australian Standards AS 3533.4.1_2018 ensuring a fun and safe activation for all.

If you want to explore your own custom AFL Inflatables, or discuss your project with us, get in touch with our expert team today!

Share Project Details

Your information is safe with us. We do not sell or rent emails.

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