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Inflatable Target Games

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Inflatable Target Games are a sub-category of Custom Inflatable Games that are defined by their use of printed target screens as their primary interaction. 

Inflatable Target Games can be open frame designs that are great for outdoor use, or enclosed designs that restrict the play area, ensuring that no projectiles go astray.

Choose from single targets, or multi-game targets that feature multiple target screen in one unit. Add your own unique branding and customise the target screen to suit your activation.

Giant inflatables produce a range of brand able target inflatable, soccer target, AFL Goals, inflatable target enclosure, handball target, inflatable soccer target, AFL handball target, football goal target, soccer training targets, football handball target, inflatable football target, netball target and inflatable target frames and activities that test participants skills levels.

If you have a unique idea for your own inflatable target game, get in contact with our expert team for advice and a free quote on email: [email protected] or on call: 03 9588 2626.


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