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Giant Inflatables is constantly striving to be the market leader in the projects we deliver for our clients. What's new at Giant Inflatable’s is our window on the projects, inflatable products, equipment and technology that we submerse ourselves in. 

Sport Inflatables

The Giant inflatables Genius Team, design a wide range of standard or custom made inflatable products commonly used at sporting or sport training events or for sports related brand activation activities and sports marketing. We also supply inflatable games and inflatable activities that form the basis for exciting and engaging pop-up

By using sports related activities to deliver a brand message, fan engagement has become the driving force for leveraging sponsorship and branding partnerships and overall, building life-long relationships with a diverse and growing fan base.

Fan engagement continues to be the biggest buzzword in sports business. Fan engagement is much more than simply interacting with fans through social media, developing a mobile app or using digital platforms during a sporting event.

It encompasses everything from a fan’s journey to the game, the experience at the stadium and communication with the team before, during and after the season. Giant inflatables has been at the forefront of developing inflatables that complement the fan experience with highly visible and exciting inflatable products that add buzz and engagement with the brand.

Sports organizations are looking to engage & connect with fans in a meaningful & effective way. Marketing teams in the sports industry are constantly exploring ways to deliver on the engagement fans want and  to meet the goals of increasing ticket and membership sales, enhancing the game-day and off field  experience & meeting sponsorship expectations.

Giant inflatables have extensive experience in working with the activation and marketing teams of all the major sporting bodies and organizations and brands. Through this interaction we have developed the detailed understanding of our clients’ needs and can offer a range of customized product. Our range   include, inflatable interactive games for fan zones and playgrounds, Inflatable Entry and Sports arches, skills development  inflatable games, Branded shelters, inflatable balls, Floating markers and crowd activity inflatables   all engineered to offer reliable, easy to use high impact opportunities.

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