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Some dream about goals....We make 'em!

Some dream about goals....We make 'em!

Giant Inflatables, the No. 1 Inflatable Sports Supplier produces Sports Inflatables for all areas of sport, including the incredibly brand-able Buoys that  support races or events.

Inflatable markers bollards and buoys

Giant Inflatables has a wide range of Inflatable Markers, Buoys and Inflatable Bollards that are the perfect branding opportunity to ensure that your brand is aligned with the sport that your spectators are already passionate about. 

We produce marker buoys and bollards in standard and custom shapes. These inflatable sealed products are used on land or in the water. We have will make these in colours of your choice with full digital printing if required or removable branding areas.

Skills training

Giant Inflatables works very closely with peak sporting bodies and sports professionals creating supplementary inflatable training activities that help develop skills in an engaging, often unique and entertaining way.

Inflatable skills training products are ideally suited for the training of sporting related skills because they are challenging when set up and very compact and easy to store when packed. The compactness feature makes them ideal products for using when operating a mobile or remote training class or activity.

Inflatable Targets

Inflatable Target Games challenge the participant’s skills in a memorable, fun and engaging way.

Giant inflatables produce a range of highly brand-able inflatable targets and inflatable target frames and activities that test participants skill levels. Our range of basic shapes and product types are all available with your specific branding and colouring to give each a unique look. Whatever the sport - from tennis to footy - we can create a Target to match your needs.

Custom designed games
Engaging with Fans and Spectators requires engaging and original ideas, The Giant Inflatables Genius Team have vast experience and unbounded imagination to make those valuable moments memorable.

Inflatable AFL games are a fabulous way to entertain and attract your fan base. 

We have a standard range of inflatable games which we can customise and brand to your needs or we can design specific inflatable interactive game that meets your requirements.

All the designs we produce are safe and easy to use and will be great for branding.

Footy has many set piece plays around which we have designed activations. These activities are a perfect way to engage with your fan base or engage in a captivating activation activity. The games we conceive can be made using either ConstantAir inflation or Inflate n Go technology.

Cricket inflatables

Cricket offers a great opportunity for developing engaging inflatable games for Training, Fan engagement or Brand Activation. We have a great and varied pallet of existing games and activities which we are happy to customize to suit your needs.

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