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NRL 2016 Finals

NRL 2016 Finals

NRL 2016 finals – who's in the running?

It is that time of year again – Finals.  Who is going to win?  Here are some thoughts and why we choose Melbourne Storm.

The Penrith Panthers have an incredibly intuitive and talented pool of young players.  If they can stay in the game, keep up their unstoppable attack and keep building their defence, they have a solid chance at being a side to watch. 

Sitting at number 5 on the Finals Ladder, the Brisbane Broncos are an experienced and talented team with depth of experience in Origin and Test players.  Provided all players are firing on all cylinders, this outside chance could be a threat. Come on Ben Hunt – show us what you can do!

Last year’s Premiers, the North Queensland Cowboys, could very easily be one of the grand finalist teams this year.  Will they win? Provided they can overcome suspicion and break the Premier’s curse of no back-to-back premier winners, they have the same team and last year with experience and confidence. They are looking to be the most popular bets at the bookies.

The Cronulla Sharks need to restart their momentum which seemed to peter out at the end of July.  Even though they have depth of experience and exuberance of youth, they seem to have lost their way and are now swimming upstream. However, they haven’t been written off yet by the Bookies.

With their finals debut on Saturday, this team with a 10 match winning streak behind them, needs to improve their defence and stay in the game to be a real contender.  The odds seem to be stacked against them but let’s not write the Canberra Raiders off just yet.



Out in front with a formidable team and a solid game strategy is Melbourne Storm.  They are hungry, they are determined and they are wanting to get some of their stripped Premiership wins back.  They are proud of their club and make sure that in 2016 they certainly stand out from the pack.  How did they do this?

Every aspect of their Club was put under a fine toothcomb.  From training to strategy, from staff to fans, everything was covered off and looked after.  As an example, Giant Inflatables was engaged to create incredibly engaging, interactive fan activities. This shows the total dedication to every aspect of their game plan, strategic, on and off the field.

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