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Inflatable Balls, Arenas and Games

Inflatable Balls, Arenas and Games

Sports Inflatables

Giant Inflatables has become the No.1 Inflatable Sports supplier dedicating an entire division to just Sports Inflatables, Sports Games and Interactive Sport Activations. This team comprises our Genius Design Team, an Operations Manager, a Safety and Certification Officer, a Customer Service Manager and a teenage “fun manager” to make sure that the Inflatable sports products are engaging and fun.

This week we will look at some of the exciting Inflatable Sports equipment we have produced for the purpose of fan engagement, brand activation and on-field entertainment.

Inflatable balls

Our Genius Team has produced multiple shaped inflatable balls for every type of sport or event. These range from rugby ball replicas to shiny disco silver balls each of a size that creates an amazing impact on the field to entertain the crowds during half time and at events.

The branding on the Inflatable Balls is highly visible, impactful and aligns the brand with the very sport that the fans are already deeply emotionally engaged.



Inflatable arenas and courts

We have designed and manufactured award winning sports enclosures, arenas, fields and courts for every sport from AFL to Tennis, Rugby to Soccer. No matter the sport, no matter the design, no matter the branding, our Genius Team can produce it. The enclosure, arena, field or court can be used on any surface from grass, concrete or sand and can be used indoors or out. The field walls are the perfect position and opportunity to activate a brand and ensure emotional engagement with a brand.  





Inflatable games

In order to engage fans on a physical and emotional level, Sports Inflatables and Inflatable Games is the perfect way to engage the participant on every sensory level while promoting your brand. Brand Awareness engaging the consumer in an all-out sensory event will bond your consumer to the brand because they have lived and experienced it.

As the official Inflatable supplier of AFL Victoria we have designed various games and playgrounds for the fans to engage with at shopping centre, at game days and at school visits.


Tennis games and activations get kids and adults involved in skill enhancing games like the speed serve and accuracy target games for Tennis Australia.


ANZ has ensured its brand is front and centre of tennis fans to engage and emotionally connect their clients to their favourite sport which is aligned with the ANZ brand.


“Inflate and Seal” inflatable technology keeps the outdoor inflatables inflated. They are easy to set up, safe to use and simple to pack up after use.

Make your next event a “GIANT” Event and let us power your brand. Giant Inflatables – Powered by Air!

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