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Event Tents & Shelters - Break Free from Convention

Event Tents & Shelters - Break Free from Convention

There is no second chance to make a first good impression.  When you have to make an impression at an event or exhibition and you want to create a highly impact-ful, engaging environment, try Inflatable Shelters and Structures to create that Wow! Factor.

The Perfect way to create the environment is with Giant Inflatables Shelters, Structures, Offices and Shapes.  These eye-catching, larger-than-life attention grabbing structures set the scene and draw your customers in with its mysterious shapes and lights.

The beauty with Inflatable Structures is they can be any size and shape you want, are safe and easy to install, pack away and transport and are hugely impact-ful on the crowds.

Let us assist you to create the perfect setting. Need a bit of arm twisting, read on to see why Giant Inflatables Shelters and Structures are the perfect way to create an awesome event.

You Dream it….We’ll inflate it.  Due to the flexibility and range of designs that can be made with Inflatables, you have complete control over how you want your event to look. Our Genius Team can create anything and everything you want.

With Inflatables, the size of the inflatable is only limited by your requirements.  You can have small “office” like designs to accommodate 2-4 people to enormous structures that can accommodate over 500 guests.

Once purchased, your inflatable is, by its very nature, portable and very quick and easy to install.  This has an added benefit of being extremely cost effective on manpower, saving you time and money. Not only is it easy for your own personnel to set up the inflatable quickly and easily, but if you prefer, Giant Inflatables can offer you a complete Turnkey Solution from design and manufacture, to install and pack down, transport and storage and service, maintenance and repair.  Your one stop product and service shop.

All Giant Inflatable products are made with the best fabric available in order to ensure the longevity of your product and the safety of the product in any condition. Our products all come with Certificates ensuring set up in any public space which indicate the minimum weight required to secure the inflatable safely in all weather conditions. All our products can be made with fire retardant fabric and will be provided with sufficient weights to secure the Shelter in the relevant environment.

This means that you can use your inflatable shelter over and over again, indoors or out, ensuring that its colours, structure and size make your event stand out from the rest.  In addition any branding can be printed straight onto the shelter or structure.

From the above it is clear to see there is no limit to where your event can go. Turn your shelter into a globe and travel the world, create interactive installations to engage with your guests.  There is no limit.  Let us take you on an inflatable ride while taking care of all the administrative tasks to create the environment in which you can shine.

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