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2016 Marketing Trends - Have you risen to the challenge

2016 Marketing Trends - Have you risen to the challenge


We are half way through the 2016 calendar year and just recovering from the end of Financial Year.  It is always a good time to assess business direction at this point to ensure you are travelling as projected.  As an advertising, brand, creative, experiential, event, PR or marketing agency ask yourself the following:

Has your work brought brands to life?

Have you delivered emotional connections between the brand and the consumer?

You can probably answer the above question in the positive if you have managed to adopt and adapt to the marketing trends of 2016.  Let’s have a look at those trends to have a good measure of comparison to where you have tracked.

Marketing Trends – 2016

As hard as a journey as it is, marketing has moved from advertising and straight 2D communication to become part of the greater Customer Service Experience.  The online bombardment of pop up ads has led to consumer block due to the annoyance factor.  The Customer, at the very least, needs a great Customer Experience offered.

It is now clearly understood that, even though profoundly necessary as a marketing tool, Social Media is only one of the tools to support a broad campaign to deliver experiences that give a brand a story and emotionally connect with consumers.  When delivering that brand’s story, content will remain important, but engagement will be key.  This engagement requires all the senses to be stimulated, which cannot only happen on a 2D screen (even if content is 3D), but it has to engage the consumer on a physical and emotional level too.  Brand Awareness in good, but engaging the consumer in an all-out sensory event will bond your consumer to the brand because they have lived and experienced it.

Virtual reality is getting more sophisticated in an attempt to give that lived customer experience, but cannot give the all-round sensory experience of actual reality.

Experience or Activation Marketing


In today’s world, with so many channels of communication open to present a brand, the “BRAND ACTIVATION EVENT” is becoming the new frontier to create connections emotionally between people and brands and give your Client’s brand that competitive edge.

When talking to Millennials, research has shown that even though Millennials live, shop, learn, connect online, they crave real-live interactions.  They rely on digital but “experiential” is getting them talking.

As more and more agencies are becoming alive to this fact, budgets and space start becoming an issue.  How do you continue to do more with less?  Obviously a good imagination is key, but partnerships with related organisations who understand your needs and which can deliver the constructs within which to create the Experience are essential.



So how do we tie this all together so that you can realise this “experiential brand activation” for your Client and deliver on this trend?  We introduce you to a cost effective, space effective, time effective product called an inflatable……..

Giant Inflatables interactive experiences


We know that what immediately springs to mind is a jumping castle.  Well, just as marketing and branding has become more sophisticated, so have inflatables.  We are producing virtual reality indoor simulation centres with inflatable walls, pillars, screens and mazes. 

In addition we produce unique, light infused, event tents and one on one interactive breakaway spaces to situate a brand within an aesthetically and operationally workable experiential venue.  In addition, branded designed replicas in which you can hold an event allow for that all-encompassing lived experience where you can create the event and house it within the replicated giant inflatable product.

We, at Giant Inflatables, create the construct within which you can create the experience.

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