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Rooftop Balloons

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Rooftop Balloons

Last Updated on: Tuesday, May 22, 2018 00:32:43

Rooftop balloons that are designed by Giant Inflatables are uniquely engineered to be robust for Australian conditions easy to install and can be effectively illuminated at night.

We build into our designs the options for removable signage and branding and offer services to replace and change signage when required.

Our range of Rooftop balloons and rooftop characters and inflatable shapes can take any desired form. These eye-catching Inflatables are often placed in high traffic areas where they can be seen from near and far, day or night.

We have teams of nationally located well-trained and accredited installers, craftsmen and operators deployed  to give you responsive and reliable service and immediate support . At your request they will install and remove your valuable rooftop balloon asset and can on liaise with the relevant authorities to obtain the necessary permissions

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